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Man-haj Al-Sädeghin commentary
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This Quran commentary book is in Persian and one of the shiism commentaries in tenth century A.H. It was the only prevalent Persian commentary up to the last thirty or forty years. This commentary has been printed lithography in several large volumes in Tabriz that the manuscript of this book dated 1575A.D. (983A.H.) is one of the manuscripts of Astan Quds Razavi’s library.

The Author’s brief biography:
The author of Man-haj Al-Sädegin commentary is “the Late Mollä Fathollah son of Mollä Shokrollah Kashäni. He is great scholar, “juriscounsult” (faghih), researcher, “theologian”(motekalem), skilled commentator and one of the shiism dignitaries in the latter of tenth century A.H. The Mollä Fathollah is one of the Ali Ibn Hassan Zavväri’s students that through him, stated from “Mohaghghe Korki”. This commentator was one of the outstanding scholars of Shah Tahmäsp’s court. In all prevalent religious sciences he was skillful and especially in commentary, he is as an endless sea that holding many books. Most of his books are in Persian. Some of them are as follows:
1- The translation of Quran in Persian (This book is except from 3 items of mentioned Quranic commentaries), the translation of some Quran verses are in Persian.
2- Tanbih Al-Ghafelin (The Persian explanation of Nahj Al-Balagha that has been printed in Iran.
3- Translation of “Ehtejäj” Tabarsi that is by the name of “Kashf Al-Ehtejäj” and was written for Shah Tahmasp. One of its manuscripts that is in Sheikh Safi’s treasury in Ardabil city of Azarbäijan, has been studied by Mirza Abdolläh Afandi, the author of Riyäz Al-Olamä.
4- Zobdat Al-Tafsir (Quran commentary in Arabic).
5- Man-haj Al-Sadeghin Fi Elzäm Al-Mokhälefin. It is the famous work of this great scholar.

Mollä Fathollä Kashani died in 1580A.D. (988A.H.). This specific date of death is alike with Moläh Al-Foghahä word. It is said that the Man-haj Al-Sädeghin” commentary, in fact, is the explanation of “Maväheb Aleyhe” or “The Hosseini commentary and have been compiled between the years of 1492 to 1494A.D.(897 to 899A.H.).This Quran commentary is in Persian. Mollä Hossein Käshefi (Beyhaghi) is one of the great Iranian scholars and commentators who is skillful in all religious sciences and “occult sciences” (oloom gharibe)! Käshefi, has presented this commentary book to “Ali-Shir Naväi”. This commentary containing moral and “Gnostic”(erfani) subjects and it is remarkable(considerable) from the viewpoint of allegory and “testifying”(esteshhäd) to Persian poems.

Printing and publishing:
This commentary (Man-haj Al-Sadeghin) has been printed often and its last printing has been printed and published in 10 volumes by researching of Abol Hassan Sheräni in alphabetic method in 1961-62 A.D. (1340-41 S.H.). Again it has been printed and published in 10 volumes in Tehran by research of Ali Akbar Ghafari, with introduction and footnote of Abol Hassan Mortazavi in 1972A.D.(1351 S.H.).

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